« The transmission of expertise »

Champagne Barbier-Louvet is above all, a beautiful family story. Théophile Blondel was the founder, he bought the first vines in 1835 and they are still exploited. Since then, this vineyard has been passed on from generation to generation. Over the years, the estate has grown and has vineyards in the Grands Crus of Louvois and Bouzy. Today, we count more than 7 generations to have passed on a know-how as a true family secret to preserve our authenticity.

In 1970, the Barbier-Louvet brand was created by our parents, Barbier, the name of our father, and Louvet, our mother. In 2007, we, the children, Céline Barbier Poulain and David Barbier take over the estate to perpetuate the family tradition.

Attached to our history, we made a special cuvée «Théophile Blondel» to pay tribute to our founder. This prestigious cuvée is designed with our best harvests, our best grapes from our finest vineyards. This champagne ages 3 years in the cellar before being marketed and is not blended with any other reserve wine.